onsdag den 10. april 2013

Going to get disciplined tonight...

Oh man, just got put on notice.
When my wife returns from her meeting tonight, she's going to be settling the score from our punishment book. Since I have been neglecting my fitness training, and have a few other demerits in the book, I think my poor bottom (that still have some marks from the session two weeks ago) is going to be quite sore for the next few days.

mandag den 1. april 2013

Forewarned is forearmed

Oh man, just broke a rule today about tidyness. I forgot a wet towel on top of some dry clothes.

Very sternly my wife told me to note it in our punishmentbook. I fear for my poor bottom, and I was hoping that I could go for  a week at least, without making serious errors.

I hope she goes easy on me, but I doubt it, since our agreement was a no-mercy one of the kind.

torsdag den 28. marts 2013

Tuesday morning - on the scale

After monday evening I slept quite well, although I had a sore butt.

Unfortunately tuesday morning is the morning where we do the weight control, and this was the second time. We did one weighing session when we signed the contract, to set the baseline, and agreed on how much I should loose. The goal is to loose 4 kg before summer.

"Get up and get on the weight" my wife commanded. She hadn't forgotten it...
 With a bad feeling I got on the scale, and sure enough, I had gained half a kg since last tuesday. Since I had had quite a beating the evening before, I was silently hoping for my wife to let it pass...

"Fetch the long thin cane" she barked.
"Bend over!"

And with no further delay she brought the cane down at least 25 times. Hard, fast and without mercy at all, at my already very sore bottom. I was vocalizing and having a hard time standing still after just three strokes.

"Oh my, I seem to have broken some skin" she said without remorse, put down the cane and left the room.

And sure enough. Three of the strokes had broken the skin, and was bleeding a bit. I felt punished and loved.

In the pic you can see my bottom today Thursday. The big bruise is probably from mondays punishment, and the stripes are the sores from my tuesday caning. My bottom still hurts a bit.

onsdag den 27. marts 2013

Initiating our agreement

Ok, so we both signed the agreement, and the first week passed without any events or happenings. The this sunday evening my wife said: "Oh, since we are home alone tomorrow, I think we should initiate our contract with a startup-session..."

Somehow the rest of our sunday, and all of monday just passed in a flash, and suddenly it was monday evening, and she told me with a tone I have seldom heard from her before: "Go upstairs and prepare the room, and tell me when you are ready!".

So I went upstairs and started packing out some toys (two short canes and some bathbrushes), prepared some ropes to the bed, got naked, put on the restraints and knelt on the floor. "The room is ready honey!" I called out, trying to be brave. I had a feeling I was in for it, this evening - and I was right.

5 minutes later I heard her coming up the stairs, and the she entered the room. Commented on how nice I prepared the room, and then ordered me down on the bed, and tied my hands to the bedpost and my feet together. I was totally at  her mercy now, and were starting to feel in a bit over my head.

"Ok, this is for reminding you, that we signed a contract, which I on my part will uphold to the letter. I expect you to do the same." And then I heard her pick up something, and a few seconds after I heard a swish, a crack and felt the cane across my poor bottom - she meant business. She then started to beat my bottom with no mercy and almost no pause between the strokes. Alternating from standing on one side of the bed, to the other. Stroke after stroke. I have no idea how many times she hit me, but must have been at least fifty before she finally stopped.
I then heard her pick up something else: "I want you to count each stroke for me, and then thank me afterwards". Oh no - more caning, but with the thicker cane. My bottom was already on fire.
"One" crack "Thank you"
"Two" crack "Thank you"
I went on like this for 25 strokes until she finally stopped, only to pick up something else - the bathbrush - which she gave me around 25 strokes with.
Then the cane again for a little while, and I really don't know how many this time...and after awhile it was finally over. She released me from the bed, and told me to tidy up the room and left me. I took good look at my bottom in the mirror. It was quite a mess. All swollen, with angry welts, but strangely enough no broken skin. I was kinda numb, but after 10 minutes or so the numbness dissipated, and it started throbbing. Ouch!

I must say it was the worst beating I have ever had, but also the perfect way to start out our new DD life. But the next morning...

The journey begins

My wife and I has been playing around with BDSM for the last 10 years or so. Nothing too fancy, but involving some spanking, bondage and such. 

While my wife likes being tied up and dominated a bit, she really dislikes getting spanked, but she kinda enjoyed spanking me, and I found being at the recieving end was quite a kick for me too. 

That being said, it's always been a bit on/off, and sometimes to my great frustration months have passed without any real action. Browsing the net, I started fantasizing about a domestic discipline relationship, but lacked the courage to suggest it. Then in January  I tried to suggest something, and my wife didn't seem shocked or disgusted, and a few weeks ago, I suggested that we made an official agreement  and had made a rough draft. She agreed, and we ended up making a contract, that we both signed.

The agreement adresses two main issues:

1. my behaivour (helping around the house,my mood and my attention) 
2. my health (weight, food and fitness)

If I outstep the boundries I get punished, in a level of severity that reflects the crime - at my wifes discretion.

Once every two weeks, there is a maintenance session - which we both are responsible for remembering. The purpose of that session is to remind us both of our responsiblities. She is responsible for disciplining me if need be, and I am responsible for not having to get punished.

Every tuesday morning we have a control weighing session, where my weight and waistline is being measured, and I have to show my fitness log to prove that I actually do fitness as agreed upon. 

In the next post, I will tell you a bit about. how the initiation session went...